PliegOS at the 2nd Barcelona Exchange Fair

Last Sunday we decided to “turn real” and opened our own small street market shop, along with many other open initiatives, at the 2nd Barcelona Exchange Fair organized by Ecoxarxa. We explained the pliegOs concept to many people and distributed free digital DIY samples, sold more than 30 copies of pliegos for/by kids (from the Panxa del Bou collection, soon to be published here too) that costed 1 Eco each (the local currency that day, 1 euro at change).

We also managed to test some methods for what hopefully soon would be our first workshops at schools, with kids being at the same writers, illustrators, editors and printers of their own books!

Help needed: how to automate layout and PDF creation?

WP + BuddyPress have been fine until now for prototyping this project. It allows the easy sending of content through some extra plugins, as well as sharing pliegos and news the open way. But we would need something else now in order to make it really easy for people to create their own pliegos on the go. Which means (in process order):

  1. Updating text and images (with maximum limits, around 1500 words)
  2. Editing text and image sizes to get the right layout.
  3. Validating it all.
  4. Generate a downloadable PDF.
  5. Share openly online.

So ideas are welcome, specially form CSS or php wizards! :)