DIY microbooks: this new/old thing

As mentioned somewhere else, the pliegos concept is no new at all, just a 2.0 times version of something that dates back to the first presses, and the way popular fiction was cheaply distributed through the city streets in the beginnings of the Gutenberg era.

The idea has to do with an unusual finding: an old suitcase abandoned in a family garage. Inside, a collection of nearly 200 Catalan pliegos from between 1910 and 1915, that were produced by a nearly one-person publishing company, Patufet. This nearly yellow pages, folded and cut the same way we do here (some of them also nicely together with a red thread) tell the story of many many handmade stories and covers, thanks to the infinite imagination and good ear of Manel Folch i Torres.

The value in terms of money of this collection is still unknown, but if you’re interested send us a line (info at pliegos dot net). We might be selling some at auction in eBay or similar to get some funds for hosting, ink cartridges and paper :)

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