Why and how I (first post-storming about pliegOS)

Caxton Showing the First Specimen of His Printing to King Edward IV

Caxton Showing the First Specimen of His Printing to King Edward IV. Source: Wikimedia Commons (Public domain)

Since this project is just starting, probably is the right time to explain the reasons and methods for it. This are the complementary notes to the about section, some sentences that have to be short because time here is limited and attention scarce:

  • Fight eBooks: they’re evil! They want to erase books from shelves and turn libraries into microchips (with people inside).
  • Using a pliego the right way means 6 steps: download, print, fold, cut, read and leave somewhere. If you also want to create one you have to submit your original text or copylefted ones, an have a little patience.
  • Make the open web turn physical: many digital texts (posts, collections of tweets, Wikipedia abstracts, even mails or comments) deserve real paper, and once printed can also be a great tool for fighting the digital divide.
  • Where DIY culture meets the micro culture meets the attention economy: long books are great, they sell them in bookshops and online. But what about the pleasure of choosing here the ones that look more interesting, print them right away and do a little finger-folding and a little paper-reading gymnastic? The whole process can take you less than 15 minutes, that’s real fast food! :D
  • The great “one book, one buck” opportunity: information online is mainly free, but outside Internet (in the right place and time) can be quite valuable. Nothing stops you for creating or downloading a collection of pliegos, go to a festival or market and sell them for a coin -like in the goood old times.
  • A real pocket experience: this books are 3×4 inches only (sometimes 4×6, specially for kids) so they can be stored virtually anyway! Oh, yes, there too, but we will have no responsibility for any damages derived from that :)
  • Dedicated to all the wanna-be-writters: yes, it takes a man (or a woman) to write a book in less than 1500 words! Publish here as many as you want (not necessarily short stories, think also about serial literature) and distribute them trough your own social media channels (pliegos love tweets, indeed).
  • Quick textbooks for mobile learners: take it as a good way for saving offline the essence of that online course, lesson, subject, etc. Summarizing knowledge has always been a main way of learning. But please don’t bring pliegos to your exams!

Uhm, that’s all for the moment. There are more thoughts in a notebook waiting for another day to be posted!

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